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Orange County Children's Water Education Festival

March 24 -25, 2010

One of the largest water festivals in the nation, the Orange County Children's Water Education Festival immerses fourth, fifth and sixth graders in the wonder and science of water. Students were guided through the Wyland Clean Water Challenge Mobile Learning Center where they learned about the the importance of water quality and how to make responsible choices that positively affect the environment. The Wyland Foundation also led the students in the creation of four aquatic-themed murals with the help of guest artist Annie VanEngelen. The murals were featured at Downtown Disney on Earth Day for the nationwide public premiere of Disneynature's film Oceans.

Dana Point Festival of Whales

March 17, 2010, FOCUS Puerto Rico


Wyland and the Wyland Foundation, in partnership with the International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF), the El Yunque National Forest, and the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art, collaborated with over 400 underserved youths in Puerto Rico to create 16 murals celebrating the beauty and importance of water from the forest to the sea. During the March 17, 2010 event entitled "Mangroves, Where the Forests Meet the Sea", students and were invited to tour the Aguirre State Forest, a unique coastal mangrove forest and site of several ecological research programs, to learn more the impact human actions have on land and water sources.

The FOCUS (Forests, Ocean, Climate, and Us) Program is a nationwide environmental education campaign in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, NOAA, and the Wyland Foundation,  that seeks to improve children's understanding of the intimate connection between the health and sustainability of our water resources and the health of the planet. 

Dana Point Festival of Whales

March 2010


The Wyland Foundation celebrated the annual migration of the California Gray Whale with the Ocean Institute. Southern California families toured the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Center and explored the Ocean Institute's learning labs.

Project Inspiration at the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter

February 2010


Project Inspiration was begun by Lisa Lansden, Mrs. American Dream 2009-2010, as a way to promote volunteerism and to help renovate and decorate the bedrooms at the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter thereby improving the quality of life for the children. Wyland, Founder and President of the Wyland Foundation painted one of his signature sea turtles in the lobby of the children’s shelter.

Restoring Vancouver’s Landmark Whaling Wall Mural

January 2010


In January 2010, renowned muralist and environmental advocate Wyland and the Wyland Foundation, in partnership with the JJ Keller Foundation, Pure Painters, and Robert Bateman’s Get To Know, restored one of his most distinctive landmark murals in the heart of the City of Vancouver. The restoration was completed in just a matter of days and was rededicated at a special ceremony on January 18. Located at the foot of the Granville Street Bridge, the 7,200 square foot “Vancouver Island Orcas” was originally painted in 1994 as part of a 12-city West Coast mural tour, where Wyland painted 12 murals from Vancouver to Mexico City in just 12 weeks. Weathered from years of exposure to the elements, the mural was faded, chipped, and in need of repair.

The restoration of the mural emphasizes the role of international cooperation to celebrate the environment among all generations. As a result, Wyland was joined at the mural rededication ceremony by Vancouver City Councilor Heather Deal and Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge, senior officials from Los Angeles and Vancouver, two sister communities committed to sustainability. “The City of Vancouver is putting its best foot forward to the world next month,” Wyland says. “This mural will be a reminder to visitors of the natural beauty that exists nowhere else.” To see more photos of the restoration, click here.

This project was made possible by the generous support of the JJ Keller Foundation, a Neenah, Wisconsin-based private foundation. Other supporting organizations include: Get to Know ProgramPure Painters, and the City o f Vancouver. J.J. Keller Foundation Director James Keller states “We support Wyland and the Wyland Foundation and are very proud to support this restoration project to beautify the city of Vancouver as it opens its doors to the world.”

The Wyland Foundation Celebrates Oceans Day

January 2010

The Wyland Foundation showed its support for a National Ocean Policy by Wearing Blue for Oceans Day, January 13. Wear Blue for Oceans Day is a national campaign for a unified ecosystem-based policy centered on the protection and restoration of the sea’s living resources. The foundation spent the day with kids at Poinsettia Elementary School in Carlsbad, California, guiding them through the Wyland Clean Water Challenge Mobile Learning Center and teaching them about the importance of clean water and a healthy ocean. To learn more about the National Ocean Policy campaign, click here. To learn more about bringing the Mobile Learning Center to your community, email Jelly Mitchell

Kids Painting Brings Sea Life to Sierra Madre

December 2009


Sierra Madre youths eagerly kicked off their winter break by artfully painting a variety of sea creatures on a marine themed mural in Downtown Sierra Madre. Good Social Network co-founder Matt Moran together with the Wyland Foundation led the Sierra Madre Youth Activity Center and middle school groups in the creation of the mural.

Good Social Network is a social networking site for humanitarian-minded people eager to make a difference in the world. The site allows users to do everything they are already used to doing on sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, but at the same time make a real impact in the world. By connecting users with non-profit and charitable organizations, the site fosters the exchange of ideas and resources and encourages charitable actions that better our community and our world.

Wyland & Kids to Paint Marine Mural at the Boys & Girls Club

December 2009

The Wyland Foundation supports the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach in their mission to promote healthy behaviors, creativity, ethical values, academic achievement and cultural appreciation in the youth of our community. In December 2009, Wyland and the Wyland Foundation team returned to the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach to collaborate with the kids on a mural featuring the California Coastline to help beautify their campus. The Boys and Girls Club prepared for this exciting project by learning about the marine life that life in the Pacific waters off of Laguna Beach.

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The kids not only get it, they want action. They want to get involved in issues regarding the conservation of clean water and a healthy ocean.