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Maria Ferrari Children’s Hospital

March 2009


Wyland and the Wyland Foundation painted alongside children at the Maria Ferrari Children’s Hospital in Westchester, New York on March 27. This annual Wyland Foundation event aims to inspire the young patients to a happier and healthier tomorrow, and brightens the faces (and hallways) throughout the inspirational hospital. The Maria Fareri Children's Hospital is a world-class facility offering advanced, compassionate care to more than one million children in the Hudson Valley region.

New York City Middle School Environmental Mural Contest

February 2009


The Wyland Foundation launched the New York City Middle School Environmental Mural Contest in partnership with the New York City Department of Education, Pearl Art Supplies, Fredrix Artist Canvas, Materials for the Arts, and the International Art Expo. The contest was open to 200 middle schools in New York City through February 2009.

Congratulations to Louis Armstrong School in Elmhurst, Winner of the Wyland Foundation’s New York City Middle School Environmental Mural Contest. 
The Wyland Foundation would like to thank all of the New York City Middle Schools who participated in the Environmental Mural Contest. Each and every mural entry showcased the importance of our world’s precious resources and habitats and sent a message of hope and inspiration for change. The winning mural entry, entitled “Help Save the Earth,” was created by students at IS 227 Edward B Shallow Junior High School in Brooklyn. This engaging mural is a 10 foot x 10 foot look at human efforts toward finding a sustainable balance with nature. Judges found that the piece combined excellent artwork, imagination and incorporated a message of hope. “We have to believe that we can find balance between our environment and our needs as humans,” artist Wyland said. “This painting brings all of that together in a subtle, effective way. It demonstrates the power of artists at any age to touch people.” Of the contest overall, Wyland said: “It was clear that every school that took part in the activity put considerable thought into their mural work. Their ability to take such an important message as environmental protection and be able to communicate it so effectively, on an intellectual and emotional level, impressed all the judges. Every school that participated should be commended. The artworks were all wonderful.” 
The winning classroom joined Wyland to paint a collaborative mural at the International Art Expo on Feb. 27.

image description1st Place: “Help Save the Earth” by Louis Armstrong School in Elmhurst
image description2nd Place: “Angry Jungle” by Frederick Douglass Academy III, Bronx, NY

Clean Water Mobile Learning Center Rolls Through Orange County

January 2009

In partnership with the Ocean
 Institute of Dana Point and Rotary, the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Center visited elementary and middle schools in Orange and Los Angeles County, Jan. 12-Feb. 2, reaching more than 7,500 children, ages 6-13. The 1,000 square foot mobile center includes interactive exhibits — from an actual running river to falling rain over an urban watershed — to encourage students to prepare for what is believed to be a drier future in California. The Mobile Learning Center was powered by solar engergy provided by Akeena Solar.

Mobile Learning Center Across the Border

November 2008

The Wyland Foundation embarked on one of its most unique educational outreach tours in November 2008, with a 4-city community clean water program across Baja Mexico. The bilingual program, sponsored by Sempra Energy, with support from the Governor of the state of Baja California, Norte, included visits by the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Center to schools and acclaimed institutions such as the Museum Del Sol in Mexicali and the Tijuana Cultural Center. With water issues affecting both sides of the border, the Wyland Foundation is taking an important first step in bringing together children from both countries for marine conservation and clean water education.

Cool Globes – Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet

October 2008

Wyland joined forces with Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet to paint a beautiful five foot diameter globe as part of an art exhibition in Balboa Park and the San Diego Natural History Museum. The purpose and inspiration behind the public art installation was to demonstrate simple solutions everyone can implement to help combat global warming. Wyland’s globe is entitled “Hands Across the Ocean” in celebration of the completion of 100 Whaling Walls and children’s murals around the world. “Hands Across the Ocean” is about inspiring young people everywhere to take a global view of our planet’s ocean and our relationship to one of our greatest natural resources – water. Inspiration through art and innovation through science will encourage the next generation to become better stewards of earth’s vital water habitats and the planet. The globe features a mother and child humpback whale painted by Wyland and children’s art compiled from the Wyland Foundation art outreach programs, including some from Wyland’s last whaling wall, which was a half-mile long collaborative work with children from around the world. Children’s handprints spread around this globe, signifying the connectedness of all people by our one ocean and creating a truly unique and inspiring work.

Hands Across the Oceans Homecoming

September – October 2008


Officials from the Federal government and private sector organizations unveiled “Hands Across the Oceans” in celebration of the opening of the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum’s Ocean Hall. The canvas murals painted by Wyland and international children in Beijing, China spanned a half-mile across the National Mall in Washington, DC. Throughout the weeklong celebration, the Wyland Foundation, Alice Ferguson Foundation, and the Smithsonian Institution, along with representatives from the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the U.S. Department of Interior, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) joined more than 100 Washington, D.C.-area school children to create a 450-square foot mural of the Potomac River watershed. The National Park Service rangers along with volunteers provided by NOAA and the Alice Ferguson Foundation, guided students experienced through a series of educational exhibits including ones related to the Wyland Foundation’s acclaimed “Clean Water Challenge” curriculum.

“The Hands Across the Ocean project shows the beauty of sea life around the world --through the creativity of a great artist and the thousands of children he inspires. This Administration is thrilled to be a part of this collaborative effort. The President and Mrs. Bush recognize the importance of cooperative conservation and education – both nationally and internationally -- to make our oceans and coasts cleaner and more productive.”

—James L. Connaughton | Chairman, White House Council on Environmental Quality

Hands Across the Oceans

July 2008

In July 2008, Wyland painted his 100th and final Whaling Wall, “Hands Across the Oceans,” with the help of children from around the world. In conjunction with the 2008 Beijing Cultural Olympic Festival, Wyland and the young artists collaborated to paint the world’s aquatic habitats and the animals that live within. The half-mile long mural represents the connectedness of the planet’s water and the tremendous impact that each of us can have on our waterways and the diversity of life they contain.

United Nations Environment Programme’s International Children’s Conference on the Environment

June 2008

Wyland and the Wyland Foundation team joined students from 110 countries in Stavanger, Norway for UNEP’s TUNZA International Conference on the Environment. The Tunza International Children’s Conferences provides a unique opportunity for children to present their environmental projects, inspire each other with their environmental work, become active environmental citizens and contribute towards the future of our planet. Wyland gave the keynote address, offering the young attendees inspiration and encouragement for continuing their work to protect and preserve the planet’s habitats, wildlife, and natural resources. Wyland and children from around the globe painted a collaborative mural depicting marine life from the IUCN’s Red List of Endangered Species – a symbol of the fragility of our world’s ecosystems and the need for global unity in protecting our natural resources.

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The kids not only get it, they want action. They want to get involved in issues regarding the conservation of clean water and a healthy ocean.