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National Art Contest

Spring 2008

The Wyland Foundation challenged students throughout the United States to create works of art representing their view of world’s ocean. Winners were announced at the Wyland Foundation’s “Ambassador for the Planet” Awards Ceremony, Earth Day 2008.

White House Easter Egg Roll

March 2008

At the invitation of President and First Lady Bush, the Wyland Foundation joined thousands of families, Cabinet members, and senior political officials on the White House Lawn for the annual Easter Egg Roll. The 2008 event was themed around “ocean conservation” and, in support, Wyland and the Wyland Foundation team painted a marine mural with over 1,000 children and representatives from various government agencies including the White House Council for Environmental Quality. This collaborative mural on canvas was presented to the First Family.

International Year of the Reef

February 2008

In celebration of the 2008 International Year of the Reef, Wyland created the official painting, Year of the Reef, on a 7-foot by 4-foot canvas. The powerful artwork features green sea turtles swimming along a vibrant Florida coral reef, along with a great hammerhead shark. The image was offered to organizations participating in International Year of the Reef events and programs to help raise funds for their cause. The official painting was unveiled at a ceremony on February 27 in Washington, D.C for the United States Coral Reef Task Force meeting. The Wyland Foundation participated in numerous events for the IYOR throughout the year including the International Coral Reef Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Faster, Higher, Stronger Mosaic Postcard

January – March 2008

In the spirit of international cooperation, a 600-square foot collaborative postcard featuring 3 dolphins symbolizing the 2008 Olympic theme, “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” was sent from the Wyland Foundation, Sea World Orlando, and thousands of American kids to the children of Beijing, wishing them “Good Luck” with the 2008 “Green” Olympic Games.

Every Drop Counts National Tour

October 2007


Pike’s Peak to Chesapeake Bay — Painting a picture of healthy waterways

We’ve barged down the Mississippi River, trekked from Alaska to Mexico, and cleaned up the East Coast. In October 2007, Wyland and a Wyland Foundation team of volunteers and educators embarked on the fourth year of a five-year campaign for clean water and healthy oceans, with stops in the Pacific Coast, Rockies, Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, and everywhere in between.

Using art as the gateway to environmental learning, the month-long Every Drop Counts Tour traveled to zoos, aquariums, and schools from coast to coast educating children about the importance of clean water and healthy habitats. Through unique art and science activities, children and their families realized the profound effect they have on clean water, marine life, and our environment as a whole. The artist showed thousands of children how to picture healthy coasts, lakes, rivers, estuaries, and wetlands by working together on a series of large environmentally themed murals and science related conservation activities. More than 40,000 people attended the tour stops in eight states, Sept. 29 - Oct. 30, 2007 and the message of clean water reached over 25 million people via CNN, Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Washington Post, TV news, parenting magazines, online publications, blogs, and websites. The tour achieved its month-long goal of encouraging people to save 10 million gallons of water by reducing pollution and waste.

United States Sports Academy

October 2007

In celebration of the 2008 Green Olympics, Wyland and the Wyland Foundation joined athletes and thousands of families in Daphne, Alabama, to celebrate art, education, and teamwork. As an official artist for the US Olympic team, Wyland painted a mural of three Chinese brush-style dolphins on the wall of the academy commemorating the 2008 Olympic theme, “Faster, Higher, Stronger.” Wyland and student artists collaborated on a separate mural featuring the inhabitants of the local Mobile Bay ecosystem. In addition, Wyland donated a series of 39 original pictograms featuring the sporting events that make up the Olympic Games to the Academy, home of the American Sport Art Museum and Archives.

“Barging Down the Mississippi” Clean Water Tour

October 2007


The Wyland Foundation “barged” down the Mississippi from the headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana to paint a picture of healthy waterways during the 3rd Annual Wyland Ocean Challenge Clean Water Tour.

From October 5 – 29, 2006, the Wyland Foundation joined forces with children from 10 cities in nine states throughout the Mississippi River Watershed in a campaign for clean water. The tour brought home the concept of the interconnectedness of all waters as the people of America’s heartland learned how their lifestyle choices impact water habitats throughout the watershed and affect water resources and life 2,552 miles down river in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hosted by zoos, aquariums, and schools, over 50,000 people from Minneapolis to New Orleans participated in water quality sampling, painted murals of river ecosystems, and made electronic pledges to reduce pollution, conserve water, and change habits. Tour participants pledged to save a total of 2.1 million gallons of water over the next year. In partnership with the Sea World & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, National Van Lines, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UCSD), the tour generated more than 23 million media impressions.

Hurricane on the Bayou Cross-Country Postcard and Mural

January 2007

Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the tremendous impact that nature and the health of our environment can have on human beings. In response to this recent disaster, MacGillivray Freeman Films created the IMAX film, Hurricane on the Bayou, not only as a celebration of New Orleans and the beautiful bayous but, perhaps more importantly, as a call to action to save the wetlands that both wildlife and humans rely upon so heavily. In an effort to share this message with students across the nation, the Wyland Foundation teamed up with MacGillivray Freeman Films and students from Orange County, California to craft one of the world’s largest postcards, a 600-square-foot Wyland-inspired mosaic for the students of New Orleans affected by Hurricane Katrina. In January 2007, Wyland and local students also painted a 20-foot mural of the wetlands of Louisiana to celebrate clean water and further support this important film and the people of New Orleans.

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The kids not only get it, they want action. They want to get involved in issues regarding the conservation of clean water and a healthy ocean.