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Wyland Walls

Wyland Walls


In 2008, twenty-seven years after Wyland’s quest began, the artist and the Wyland Foundation completed the monumental goal of painting 100 life-size public marine murals. These murals were painted in life-size dimensions to increase appreciation and understanding for aquatic habitats and the life within. Perhaps, most importantly, they have reshaped attitudes about marine life conservation.

“We know now that water connects all the countries of the world,” Wyland says. “Our goal with these projects over the last three decades has been to convey the urgency of conservation issues to the public. The health of our ocean and waterways are in jeopardy, not to mention the thousands of marine animals and plants that face extinction if we do nothing.”

The completed "Wyland Walls" campaign is one of the largest art-in-public-places projects in history, spanning five continents, 17 countries, and 79 cities around the globe

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(* These walls are no longer available for viewing)

WW 01 “Gray Whale and Calf”

3 Images


509 Pacific Coast Hwy

Laguna Beach, California

Dedicated July 9th, 1981

By Mrs. John Wayne

(Repainted 1986, Tiled 1996)

WW 02 “Young Gray Whale”

1 Images


Ocean Institute

Dana Point, California

(Relocated to R.H. Dana Elementary)

45 Feet Long x 10 Feet High

Dedicated March 20th, 1982

By Bill Toomey,Olympic Decathlon

WW 03* “Spyhopping”

1 Images


Ranch Palos Verdes, California

20 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Dedicated June 27th, 1984

By Cleveland Armory, Fund For Animals

WW 04 “The Gray Whale Family”

1 Images


Whiterock, BC, Canada

70 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Dedicated September 26th, 1984

By Gordon Hogg, Mayor of Whiterock

WW 05* “The Orcas of Puget Sound”

1 Images


Seattle, Washington

140 Feet Long x 50 Feet High

Dedicated November 10th, 1985

By Ivar Haglund, Seattle Port Manager

WW 06* “Hawaiian Humpbacks”

2 Images


Honolulu, Hawaii

(Recreated at: Pacifica Airport Center

3049 Ualena Street, Honolulu, Hawaii)

(Original) - 300 Feet Long x 20 Stories High

Dedicated April 21st, 1985

By Russ Francis, San Francisco 49ers

(Recreation) - 235 Feet Long x 151 Feet High

Dedicated December 15, 1999

By Governor Ben Cayetano

WW 07* “California Gray Whales”

1 Images


Del Mar, California

100 Feet Long x 16 Feet High

Dedicated July 6th, 1985

By Glenn Frey, Eagles Singer/Songwriter

WW 08 “Orcas”

1 Images


Vancouver, B.C., Canada

130 Feet Long x 70 Feet High

Dedicated September 10th, 1985

By Michael Harcourt, Mayor of Vancouver

WW 09 “First Voyage”

1 Images


Polynesian Cultural Center

Oahu, Hawaii

130 Feet Long

Dedicated February 4th, 1986

By John Hillerman, Actor

WW 10 “Manatees”

1 Images


Orlando International Airport

Orlando, Florida

14 Feet Long x 8 Feet High

Dedicated in 1986

By Jimmy Buffet, Singer

WW 11 “First Born”

1 Images


Renaissance Orlando Resort

6677 Sea Harbor Drive

Orlando, Florida

(Moved from Sea World)

30 Feet Long x 12 Feet High

Dedicated September 26th, 1986

By Bill Evans, Washington D.C.

WW 12 “Laguna Coast”

1 Images


2171 Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Beach, California

20 Feet Long x 24 Feet High

Dedicated February 2nd, 1987

By Darlene Wyland, Artist’s Mother, Tiled 1996

WW 13 “A-5 Pod”

1 Images


WW13 Victoria, BC, Canada

130 Feet Long x 7 Stories High

In Memory of Robin Morton

Dedicated June 20th, 1987

By Robert Bateman, Artist

WW 14 “Sperm Whales”

1 Images


Funabashi, Japan

140 Feet Long x 18 Feet High

Dedicated October 14th, 1987

By Dr. Goro Tomenaga, Mr. Ono-Pres.

of Tokyo Bay Fishing Council, &

Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University

WW 15 “Dolphins of Makapuu Point”

1 Images


Sealife Park, Oahu, Hawaii

24 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Dedicated in 1988

by Henry Kapono, Singer/Songwriter

WW 16 “Orcas off Point Loma”

1 Images


The Plunge, Mission Beach

San Diego, California

140 Feet Long x 40 Feet High

Dedicated June 29th, 1989

By Bob Gault, President, Sea World

WW 17 “Bottlenose Dolphins”

1 Images


Stored in Osaka, Japan

20 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Originally done for a 24 hour

televised telethon in Tokyo, Japan

Dedicated August 27th, 1989

By Mr. Toshita & Kent Fabulous

WW 18 “Sperm Whales of the Mediterranean”

1 Images


Nice, France

42 Feet Long x 120 Feet High

Dedicated October 1989

By France Gov. Official

WW 19* “Forbidden Reef”

1 Images


90 Feet Long x 14 Feet High

Dedicated July 9th, 1990

By Michael Peak, Author

WW 20* “Gray Whale Migration”

1 Images


Sea World San Diego, California

80 Feet Long x 15 Feet High

Dedicated July 9th, 1990

By Bob Gault, President, Sea World

WW 21 “Washington Orcas”

1 Images


Tacoma, Washington

120 Feet Long x 45 Feet High

Dedicated July, 1990

By Tacoma Mayor, Karen Vialle

WW 22 “Orca Heaven” (Ceiling)

1 Images


Yamagata, Japan

145 Feet Long x 45 Feet High

Dedicated in 1990 By Mr. Kawaada, President Sun Marina

WW 23 “Bundaberg Humpback Family”

1 Images

Bundaberg, Australia

125 Feet Long x 95 Feet High

Dedicated September 28th, 1990

By John Nielsen

WW 24 “Humpback and Calf”

1 Images


Sydney Aquarium, Australia


90 Feet Long x 35 Feet High

Dedicated September 28th, 1990

By Jim Longley, Parliament New South Wales

WW 25 “Humpbacks”

1 Images


Lamphere High School

Detroit, Michigan

110 Feet Long x 15 Feet High

Dedicated October 8th, 1990

By James McCann, Superintendent-Lamphere School District

100 Whaling Walls Intro

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In the world of art, nothing compares to the size, scope, and majesty of "Wyland's Walls." Spanning the sides of skyscrapers, sports arenas, and structures throughout the world, these landmark public murals have captured the imagination of millions and helped inspire a new generation to become better stewards for our environment. Hosted by Pierce Brosnan, Wyland: One Hundred Whaling Walls tells the story of this epic campaign, from humble beginnings nearly thirty years ago to the final, all-encompassing project of the Beijing Olympic Festival. Through original video footage and photographs, you will get an up-close look at all one hundred murals and one man's dream to change the landscape of art - and to create a gentle reminder to communities around the world that everyone, everywhere can make a difference.