Newspaper in Education


The Clean Water Challenge: Exploring Aquatic Ecosystems is available to teachers through Hollister Kids’ Newspapers-in-Education. This supplemental program devoted to environmental science provides additional activities to the classroom program based on current events.

Additional Newspapers-in-Education programs created by the Wyland Foundation are available for FREE download here:

Secrets of the Sea Newspapers-in-Education

Secrets of the Sea: An 8 page Newspaper-in-Education tab on ocean topics produced in partnership with the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a sampling of K-12 newspaper in education activities that focus on clean water issues.

Race for the Planet Newspapers-in-Education

Race for the Planet: A Newspaper-in-Education program for grades 4 and up that focuses on current clean water issues such as non-point pollution, biomagnification, and dead zones. The program explores ways people can make a difference from recycling to using alternative fuels.

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The Wyland Foundation Ocean Newspaper-in-Education program broke all NIE participation records in St. Louis when it was requested by over 1,000 classrooms and reached over 26,000 children.

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