Mayors Challenge

2012 National Results

A heartfelt thanks to the many thousands of people across the country who participated in the Wyland Foundation's first annual National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation.

Residents from 1,000 cities in all 50 states made online pledges at to save a total of 4.7 billion gallons of water over the next year, with a potential cost savings of $11.6 million. Residents further pledged to reduce their use of single-use plastic water bottles by 1.1 million bottles and eliminate 60,000 pounds of hazardous waste from entering watersheds. The program will resume again in April 2013 with more water-saving prizes and new ways for you and your city to take everyday actions for environmental change.

Special thanks to our National Presenting Partner Toyota. Organizations also involved in spearheading the Challenge included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water, U.S. Forest Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, WaterPik, Rain Bird, Lowe's, STERLING Plumbing, PADI and Project AWARE, and our regional broadcast partner, KCAL / KCBS

Winning cities were determined as those with the highest percentage of residents to make water-saving pledge in their zip code. Cities competed in four U.S. Regions (West, Midwest, South and Northeast) and three population categories within each region (5 - 30000, 300000 - 100000, and 100000+)

Winning Cities


5,000 - 30,000 30,001 - 100,000 100,000 and over
West Laguna Beach, CA Manhattan Beach, CA Greeley, CO
Midwest Victoria, MN Eden Prairie, MN Madison, WI
South South Shore, KY Fort Pierce, FL Charlottesville, VA
Northeast Charlestown, NH Quakertown, PA Toms River, NJ


Renew your commitment to sustainability for your city and earn bragging rights about winning the Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation, a non-profit competition, and se which leaders can best inspire their residents to make an easy-to-use online pledge to reduce water and energy usage during Earth Month.

It only takes a minute, and best of all, there are no additional taxpayer costs or city staff time required to take the challenge. We'll provide everything you need.

Email us for our online mayors petition to sign your city up immediately:

Pledge results from past Mayor's Challenges:

List of prizes

  • Grand Prize: Toyota Prius C Hybrid
  • 12 Custom-Designed Sprinkler Systems by Rain Bird (up to $1500 value)
  • 12 STERLING Water-Saving Toilets
  • 50 Eco-Flow Shower Heads by WaterPik
  • 1000 $10 Gift Cards to Lowe's (provided by Rain Bird/Lowe's)
National Campaign 2015 | My Water Pledge

National Mayor's Challenge For Water Conservation - April 1-30, 2015


Together We've Pledged
To Save Over
1,445,474,078 Gallons Of Water

Do your part this Earth Month April 1-30 be entered to win 100's of prizes including a Toyota Prius Plug-in

Take the Pledge


Official Rules and Privacy Policy

Teachers and Kids!
My Water Pledge Student Edition

National Presenting Partner:

In Association with:

About My Water Pledge

My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the US to see who can be the most “water-wise.” Mayors nationwide will challenge their residents to conserve water energy and other natural resources on behalf of their city through a series of informative, easy-to-use pledges online.


Cities with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category win. Cities will compete in the following population categories: 5,000-29,999, 30,000-99,999, 100,000-299,999. 300,000-599,999, 600,000+). Participants in the winning cities are eligible to win hundreds of prizes. By the way, your mayor doesn’t have to participate for your city to win… But every person makes a difference! Last year, the challenge awarded more than $50,000 in prizes to nearly 1,000 residents in U.S. cities.

How it Works

  • Take the “My Water Pledge” on behalf of your city.
  • See how much you’ve pledged to save.
  • If your city wins and you choose to enter the prize drawing, you are eligible to win one of the following prizes:
    • Grand Prize: Toyota Prius Plug-in
    • $1000 Shopping Spree at a Home Improvement Store
    • 50 Smart Irrigation Controllers from The Toro Company
    • 40 EcoFlow Showerheads
    • 250 Home Improvement Store Gift Cards ($25 value)

New City Prize

WaterSmart Software will provide a set of high-tech software tools exclusively for water utilities of winning cities to help reduce resident water consumption up to 5 percent.

Daily Drawing Winners

Once you've competed your water pledge, we'll give you a code to share with your friends to take the challenge. If your friend completes the challenge, you'll be entered into a daily prize drawing. Or look at it this way, if you get 100 friends to take it, you have 100 more chances to win!


Winners of Smart Irrigation Controller Systems

Keith T. Dallas, Texas
Ed S. Dallas, Texas
Art T. Dallas, Texas
Cassia S. Dallas, Texas
Susan M. Dallas, Texas
Theresa B. Dallas, Texas
Martin H. Corpus Christi, Texas
Stephanie S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Dennis M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Judith M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Amelia R. Corpus Christi, Texas
Kristin D. Corpus Christi, Texas
Mikki G. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jamie G. Corpus Christi, Texas
Dianna Z. Corpus Christi, Texas
Mona W. Corpus Christi, Texas
Kendall M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Katie C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Alma S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Martin V. Corpus Christi, Texas
Linda C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Karla T. Corpus Christi, Texas
Debbie L. Crete, Nebraska
Christopher S. Bremerton, Washington
julie t. Huntington Beach, California
Michael J. Huntington Beach, California
John d. Huntington Beach, California
Ann F. Huntington Beach, California
Dottie H. Huntington Beach, California
Silvanna s. Huntington Beach, California
Vivian V. Huntington Beach, California
Bryan B. Huntington Beach, California
John S. Huntington Beach, California
Margie C. Huntington Beach, California
Joye L. Corpus Christi, Texas
Javier D. Corpus Christi, Texas
Angela M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Diann N. Crete, Nebraska
Jessie M. Crete, Nebraska
Kelly T. Huntington Beach, California
Sue W. Huntington Beach, California
Lisa C. Crete, Nebraska
David F. Huntington Beach, California
Kristina Z. Bremerton, Washington
Marilyn R. Huntington Beach, California
Margaret L. Huntington Beach, California
Jason M. Crete, Nebraska
Richard S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Stefan K. Dallas, Texas

Winners of Eco-Flow Showerhead

Melody Y. Dallas, Texas
Kristina L. Corpus Christi, Texas
Erika T. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jessica H. Corpus Christi, Texas
Tandi C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Tabatha C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Yolanda C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Brynda S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Kim H. Corpus Christi, Texas
Esme G. Corpus Christi, Texas
Martin A. Corpus Christi, Texas
Mona H. Crete, Nebraska
Linh N. Corpus Christi, Texas
vickie b. Bremerton, Washington
Rhoda G. Bremerton, Washington
Robert Z. Bremerton, Washington
Chal M. Bremerton, Washington
Michael M. Bremerton, Washington
Lori J. Huntington Beach, California
Debra J. Huntington Beach, California
matt n. Huntington Beach, California
Victoria V. Huntington Beach, California
Margaret E. Huntington Beach, California
Terri M. Huntington Beach, California
Leslie D. Huntington Beach, California
Leslie U. Huntington Beach, California
John P. Huntington Beach, California
Jason R. Huntington Beach, California
Dana K. Huntington Beach, California
Jennifer T. Huntington Beach, California
Mike H. Huntington Beach, California
Janet F. Huntington Beach, California
Mari M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Dayna C. Dallas, Texas
Jeff L. Huntington Beach, California
Jerry W. Crete, Nebraska
Robert B. Bremerton, Washington
Daniel A. Huntington Beach, California
dina R. Huntington Beach, California
ron c. Crete, Nebraska

Winners of Home Improvement Gift Card $25

Michele G. Dallas, Texas
Anna H. Dallas, Texas
Angelica D. Dallas, Texas
John J. Dallas, Texas
Marius M. Dallas, Texas
R H. Dallas, Texas
Kendall M. Dallas, Texas
Katie G. Dallas, Texas
Daisy F. Dallas, Texas
lisa m. Dallas, Texas
Scott C. Dallas, Texas
Todd G. Dallas, Texas
Javier M. Dallas, Texas
Brenda A. Dallas, Texas
Daryl H. Dallas, Texas
Vickie W. Dallas, Texas
Luis T. Dallas, Texas
Shannon S. Dallas, Texas
Martina F. Dallas, Texas
Lily . Dallas, Texas
Jody P. Dallas, Texas
Ellen C. Dallas, Texas
samantha H. Dallas, Texas
Rodney C. Dallas, Texas
Navaz K. Dallas, Texas
Todd W. Dallas, Texas
Stephen H. Dallas, Texas
Elizabeth S. Dallas, Texas
Dawn S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Neil M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Elsa M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Diana B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Sam S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Sharon L. Corpus Christi, Texas
donald t. Corpus Christi, Texas
Cynthia H. Corpus Christi, Texas
M G. Corpus Christi, Texas
Tami L. Corpus Christi, Texas
Hellen S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Margie A. Corpus Christi, Texas
Arthur C. Corpus Christi, Texas
DeAnna M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Artie S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Maria D. Corpus Christi, Texas
Courtney S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Amelia R. Corpus Christi, Texas
Corienne W. Corpus Christi, Texas
Glynda W. Corpus Christi, Texas
Juanita O. Corpus Christi, Texas
Miguel M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Patricia A. Dallas, Texas
sarah b. Corpus Christi, Texas
andrea m. Corpus Christi, Texas
Irma E. Corpus Christi, Texas
Adrian L. Huntington Beach, California
Deb S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Diana G. Corpus Christi, Texas
Danyela F. Corpus Christi, Texas
alisha g. Corpus Christi, Texas
Lucy T. Corpus Christi, Texas
Sandra D. Dallas, Texas
Tabatha C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Theresa K. Corpus Christi, Texas
Amando H. Corpus Christi, Texas
Patricia P. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jeff M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Celina P. Corpus Christi, Texas
Serina R. Bremerton, Washington
Karen S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Debbie B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Debbie P. Corpus Christi, Texas
Darlene N. Corpus Christi, Texas
Erica F. Corpus Christi, Texas
Danni A. Corpus Christi, Texas
Leigh P. Corpus Christi, Texas
Terri O. Corpus Christi, Texas
Matt P. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jesus H. Corpus Christi, Texas
Angela M. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jenn D. Corpus Christi, Texas
Nathaniel Q. Corpus Christi, Texas
April R. Corpus Christi, Texas
Chris C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Carmen R. Corpus Christi, Texas
Dan C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Ninfa F. Corpus Christi, Texas
Raquel P. Corpus Christi, Texas
Rachel C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Chrystal S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Angel S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Rachelle D. Corpus Christi, Texas
Joan S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Linda G. Corpus Christi, Texas
Charisse A. Corpus Christi, Texas
Ariana T. Corpus Christi, Texas
Pat B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Carrie J. Crete, Nebraska
Bret S. Crete, Nebraska
Jasmine F. Crete, Nebraska
Raquel S. Crete, Nebraska
Diann N. Crete, Nebraska
Pam B. Crete, Nebraska
Amber S. Crete, Nebraska
Patricia F. Crete, Nebraska
Dan M. Crete, Nebraska
Debra O. Crete, Nebraska
Jennifer L. Crete, Nebraska
Diane B. Crete, Nebraska
John R. Crete, Nebraska
Ronald H. Crete, Nebraska
Larry K. Crete, Nebraska
amy s. Crete, Nebraska
Sally B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Carol N. Huntington Beach, California
Colette B. Bremerton, Washington
Arthur B. Bremerton, Washington
johnathon S. Bremerton, Washington
Mark K. Bremerton, Washington
William C. Bremerton, Washington
carlos j. Bremerton, Washington
Adam B. Bremerton, Washington
elizabeth s. Bremerton, Washington
Michael G. Bremerton, Washington
Shawn D. Bremerton, Washington
Alan N. Bremerton, Washington
Zachary Z. Bremerton, Washington
G D. Bremerton, Washington
nick w. Bremerton, Washington
Mark S. Bremerton, Washington
Andrew P. Bremerton, Washington
Suzie H. Bremerton, Washington
Julie R. Bremerton, Washington
Chance B. Bremerton, Washington
Patty L. Bremerton, Washington
Tom A. Huntington Beach, California
Tom A. Huntington Beach, California
Alan H. Bremerton, Washington
 . Bremerton, Washington
Thomas B. Bremerton, Washington
steve r. Bremerton, Washington
Tom B. Bremerton, Washington
eric h. Huntington Beach, California
demetrie c. Huntington Beach, California
Carrie P. Huntington Beach, California
Sheila G. Huntington Beach, California
Travis H. Huntington Beach, California
Michelle Y. Huntington Beach, California
Charlene V. Huntington Beach, California
Aaron C. Huntington Beach, California
Kathy B. Huntington Beach, California
JOHN T. Huntington Beach, California
jeremy t. Huntington Beach, California
Karima K. Huntington Beach, California
Mike I. Huntington Beach, California
Danny K. Huntington Beach, California
Teri S. Huntington Beach, California
KAREN A. Huntington Beach, California
Sam S. Huntington Beach, California
JAMES F. Huntington Beach, California
Roxana C. Huntington Beach, California
John T. Huntington Beach, California
Megan A. Huntington Beach, California
tina m. Huntington Beach, California
Lucia W. Huntington Beach, California
Jason B. Huntington Beach, California
Jerry J. Huntington Beach, California
Edward H. Huntington Beach, California
Sharie C. Huntington Beach, California
Aaron A. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jane D. Huntington Beach, California
Sue O. Huntington Beach, California
Arlene B. Huntington Beach, California
Linda M. Huntington Beach, California
Peggy F. Huntington Beach, California
Patricia H. Huntington Beach, California
Jessica O. Huntington Beach, California
Jean R. Huntington Beach, California
Diane M. Huntington Beach, California
Gerald D. Huntington Beach, California
Jill B. Huntington Beach, California
Nader B. Huntington Beach, California
Stephanie S. Huntington Beach, California
Pamela D. Huntington Beach, California
Sharon Rae L. Huntington Beach, California
Krista L. Huntington Beach, California
Christina N. Huntington Beach, California
Isidro D. Corpus Christi, Texas
Faye P. Dallas, Texas
Frances M G. Dallas, Texas
Erica C. Dallas, Texas
Fernando F. Dallas, Texas
Michael M. Dallas, Texas
glenda m. Dallas, Texas
Mike C. Corpus Christi, Texas
larry m. Corpus Christi, Texas
J Naomi L. Corpus Christi, Texas
saralee b. Corpus Christi, Texas
Eumir R. Corpus Christi, Texas
Linda G. Corpus Christi, Texas
Farrah N. Corpus Christi, Texas
Susie V. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jennifer C. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jessica H. Corpus Christi, Texas
Adelle I. Corpus Christi, Texas
DARLYN B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Bill H. Corpus Christi, Texas
Reve V. Corpus Christi, Texas
Martin V. Corpus Christi, Texas
Paula B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Brian V. Corpus Christi, Texas
Lamar B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Daisy J. Corpus Christi, Texas
Crystal S. Corpus Christi, Texas
Kim W. Corpus Christi, Texas
Jasmine F. Crete, Nebraska
Laurie D. Crete, Nebraska
Kelsie D. Bremerton, Washington
sheree j. Bremerton, Washington
cynthia m. Bremerton, Washington
Tamara H. Bremerton, Washington
Doris P. Huntington Beach, California
Tina F. Huntington Beach, California
Lori J. Huntington Beach, California
alba g. Huntington Beach, California
Roger B. Huntington Beach, California
Kelly T. Huntington Beach, California
Linda W. Huntington Beach, California
julie t. Huntington Beach, California
Ashley H. Dallas, Texas
Sugie P. Dallas, Texas
Marisa Z. Dallas, Texas
Ita-mae B. Corpus Christi, Texas
Esther R. Corpus Christi, Texas
Teresa D. Corpus Christi, Texas
BETTY P. Corpus Christi, Texas
Ray S. Crete, Nebraska
Kim J. Bremerton, Washington
Geoff R. Bremerton, Washington
Ann F. Bremerton, Washington
Corinne W. Bremerton, Washington
John C. Bremerton, Washington
Vanessa W. Huntington Beach, California
Debbie B. Huntington Beach, California
Dan B. Huntington Beach, California
Cheryl L. Huntington Beach, California
Nury C. Huntington Beach, California
patrick d. Corpus Christi, Texas
Ben M. Huntington Beach, California
Jan L. Bremerton, Washington
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