Mayors Challenge

2012 National Results

A heartfelt thanks to the many thousands of people across the country who participated in the Wyland Foundation's first annual National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation.

Residents from 1,000 cities in all 50 states made online pledges at to save a total of 4.7 billion gallons of water over the next year, with a potential cost savings of $11.6 million. Residents further pledged to reduce their use of single-use plastic water bottles by 1.1 million bottles and eliminate 60,000 pounds of hazardous waste from entering watersheds. The program will resume again in April 2013 with more water-saving prizes and new ways for you and your city to take everyday actions for environmental change.

Special thanks to our National Presenting Partner Toyota. Organizations also involved in spearheading the Challenge included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water, U.S. Forest Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, WaterPik, Rain Bird, Lowe's, STERLING Plumbing, PADI and Project AWARE, and our regional broadcast partner, KCAL / KCBS

Winning cities were determined as those with the highest percentage of residents to make water-saving pledge in their zip code. Cities competed in four U.S. Regions (West, Midwest, South and Northeast) and three population categories within each region (5 - 30000, 300000 - 100000, and 100000+)

Winning Cities


5,000 - 30,000 30,001 - 100,000 100,000 and over
West Laguna Beach, CA Manhattan Beach, CA Greeley, CO
Midwest Victoria, MN Eden Prairie, MN Madison, WI
South South Shore, KY Fort Pierce, FL Charlottesville, VA
Northeast Charlestown, NH Quakertown, PA Toms River, NJ


Renew your commitment to sustainability for your city and earn bragging rights about winning the Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation, a non-profit competition, and se which leaders can best inspire their residents to make an easy-to-use online pledge to reduce water and energy usage during Earth Month.

It only takes a minute, and best of all, there are no additional taxpayer costs or city staff time required to take the challenge. We'll provide everything you need.

Email us for our online mayors petition to sign your city up immediately:

Pledge results from past Mayor's Challenges:

List of prizes

  • Grand Prize: Toyota Prius C Hybrid
  • 12 Custom-Designed Sprinkler Systems by Rain Bird (up to $1500 value)
  • 12 STERLING Water-Saving Toilets
  • 50 Eco-Flow Shower Heads by WaterPik
  • 1000 $10 Gift Cards to Lowe's (provided by Rain Bird/Lowe's)
National Campaign | My Water Pledge

Make Your Pledge

April 1-30

Do your part this Earth Month

be entered to win 100's of prizes including a Toyota Prius v


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In Association with:

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About My Water Pledge

A message from Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in support of the National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation.

My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the US to see who can be the most “water-wise.” Mayors nationwide will challenge their residents to conserve water, energy and other natural resources on behalf of their city through a series of informative, easy-to-use pledges online.

Cities with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category win. Cities will compete in the following population categories: 5,000-29,999, 30,000-99,999, 100,000-299,999. 300,000-599,999, 600,000+). Participants in the winning cities are eligible to win hundreds of prizes. By the way, your mayor doesn’t have to participate for your city to win… But every person makes a difference! Last year, the challenge awarded more than $50,000 in prizes to nearly 1,000 residents in U.S. cities.

Take the Pledge

Teachers and Kids!
My Water Pledge Student Edition

How it Works

  • Take the “My Water Pledge” on behalf of your city.
  • See how much you’ve pledged to save.
  • If your city wins and you choose to enter the prize drawing, you are eligible to win one of the following prizes:
    • Grand Prize: Toyota Prius v
    • $1000 Shopping Spree at a Home Improvement Store
    • 50 Smart Irrigation Controllers from the Toro Company
    • 250 Home Improvement Store Gift Cards ($25)
    • 40 Fixed Mount EcoFlow® Shower Heads from Waterpik
    • 40 Hand Held EcoFlow® Shower Heads from Waterpik

Prizes and Winners

Once you've competed your water pledge, we'll give you a code to share with your friends to take the challenge. If your friend completes the challenge, you'll be entered into a daily prize drawing. We're also giving away refer-a-friend prizes! If your friend wins a daily eco-prize and you referred them, you win the same prize! Look at it this way, if you get 100 friends to take it, you have 100 more chances to win!

Daily Drawing Eco-Prize Winners

Place your mouse over the prize title to see more detail on each prize. Check back for the new 2016 Prizes.


Winners of Smart Irrigation Controller Systems

Susan A. Aurora, Colorado
Nancy R. Aurora, Colorado
Karon S. Aurora, Colorado
Gail P. Aurora, Colorado
Alice P. Aurora, Colorado
John S. Aurora, Colorado
Melisa K. Aurora, Colorado
Michael K. Aurora, Colorado
Harold S. Aurora, Colorado
Marie L. Aurora, Colorado
David S. Aurora, Colorado
Diane k. Aurora, Colorado
Cathy b. Aurora, Colorado
Kate S. Aurora, Colorado
Mark T. Aurora, Colorado
Bev M. Aurora, Colorado
Robert K. Aurora, Colorado
Cory P. Aurora, Colorado
Manuel G. Aurora, Colorado
Erin r. Aurora, Colorado
Sonya R. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Barbara S. Del Mar, California
Ray W. Hermosa Beach, California
Sherrie B. Poway, California
Rick B. Poway, California
Michael b. Poway, California
Katherine H. Poway, California
Leanne H. Poway, California
Sarah S. Poway, California
Alex M. Poway, California
Christopher A. Poway, California
Michiko P. Poway, California
Kelly B. Poway, California
Barbara G. Poway, California
Shuky N. Poway, California
Elaine U. Poway, California
Harry p. Poway, California
Carla H. Poway, California
Christine H. San Diego, California
Jane S. San Diego, California
Tom d. San Diego, California
Todd F. San Marcos, California
Jill S. Torrance, California
Karen G. Torrance, California
Judith S. Torrance, California
Aaron S. Torrance, California
Tina O. Torrance, California
Fred m. Torrance, California
Angelica D. Torrance, California
Nikki C. Torrance, California

Winners of the Fixed Mount EcoFlow® Shower Heads from Waterpik

Zach F. Aurora, Colorado
Patricia F. Aurora, Colorado
Andrea W. Aurora, Colorado
Adrian M. Aurora, Colorado
Arline W. Aurora, Colorado
Gayle C. Aurora, Colorado
Kathy F. Aurora, Colorado
Phuc n. Aurora, Colorado
Patrick O. Aurora, Colorado
Micah M. Aurora, Colorado
Justin g. Aurora, Colorado
Mark V. Aurora, Colorado
Charlotte F. Aurora,, Colorado
Jeffrey T. Chula Vista, California
Gary H. Elizabeth, Colorado
Christine D. Hermosa Beach, California
Mary s. Hermosa Beach, California
Doug W. Hermosa Beach, California
Lisa U. Hermosa Beach, California
Chris G. Hermosa Beach, California
Christine s. Hermosa Beach, California
Rachelle N. Lakewood, Colorado
Laura S. Poway, California
Lucila S. Poway, California
Jen g. Poway, California
Howard B. Poway, California
Martha A. San Diego, California
Sahar K. San Diego, California
Ashley B. San Diego, California
Ogomori O. Torrance, California
Dan R. Torrance, California
Olaf V. Torrance, California
Joy C. Torrance, California
Sue H. Torrance, California
Pat F. Torrance, California
Mike H. Torrance, California
Steve R. Torrance, California
Diana D. Torrance, California
Joanna T. Torrance, California
Kayoung P. Torrance, California

Winners of the Hand Held EcoFlow® Shower Heads from Waterpik

Elizabeth G. Aurora, Colorado
Bob B. Aurora, Colorado
Herm B. Aurora, Colorado
Kellye C. Aurora, Colorado
Marie M. Aurora, Colorado
Polly D. Aurora, Colorado
Stephen B. Aurora, Colorado
Earl S. Aurora, Colorado
Alicia h. Aurora, Colorado
Ray S. Aurora, Colorado
Mary M. Aurora,, Colorado
Terry M. Carlsbad, California
Trent D. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Miriam r. Hermosa Beach, California
Chris G. Hermosa Beach, California
Brian H. Hermosa Beach, California
Tom T. Hermosa Beach, California
Monica T. Poway, California
Josephine I. Poway, California
Kelly S. Poway, California
Heather M. Poway, California
Thomas S. Poway, California
Lewis G. Poway, California
Jeff B. Poway, California
Lynne S. Poway, California
Jesse W. Poway, California
Robert M. Poway, California
Robert B. Poway, California
Dellena O. Poway, California
Al s. San Diego, California
Kimberly W. San Diego, California
Sandra H. Torrance, California
Luis p. Torrance, California
Melissa N. Torrance, California
Teresa K. Torrance, California
Rita A. Torrance, California
Delita A. Torrance, California
Cynthia G. Torrance, California
Lowell H. Torrance, California
Brenda S. Torrance, California

Winners of the Home Depot Gift Cards

Daniel T. Aurora, Colorado
Dee M. Aurora, Colorado
Cristin M. Aurora, Colorado
Lee R. Aurora, Colorado
Sandy G. Aurora, Colorado
Kim F. Aurora, Colorado
Gary C. Aurora, Colorado
Deborah W. Aurora, Colorado
Ann S. Aurora, Colorado
Meleaia D. Aurora, Colorado
Perry J. Aurora, Colorado
Debbie T. Aurora, Colorado
Joanne D. Aurora, Colorado
Scott N. Aurora, Colorado
Barbara V. Aurora, Colorado
Jackie D. Aurora, Colorado
Trudy K. Aurora, Colorado
Dalila K. Aurora, Colorado
Petersen P. Aurora, Colorado
Tanya B. Aurora, Colorado
Aaron R. Aurora, Colorado
Allison L. Aurora, Colorado
Ashley M. Aurora, Colorado
John E. Aurora, Colorado
Julia B. Aurora, Colorado
Deborah W. Aurora, Colorado
Diva M. Aurora, Colorado
Brandie B. Aurora, Colorado
Carl d. Aurora, Colorado
Cindy C. Aurora, Colorado
Peter F. Aurora, Colorado
Marsha L. Aurora, Colorado
Barbara H. Aurora, Colorado
Steph W. Aurora, Colorado
Mary Lou P. Aurora, Colorado
Sarah b. Aurora, Colorado
C B. Aurora, Colorado
Randy L. Aurora, Colorado
Mary S. Aurora, Colorado
Sage B. Aurora, Colorado
Danelle C. Aurora, Colorado
Maggie H. Aurora, Colorado
Jennifer C. Aurora, Colorado
Michele M. Aurora, Colorado
Susan C. Aurora, Colorado
Sherri S. Aurora, Colorado
Thelma G. Aurora, Colorado
Michael V. Aurora, Colorado
Cathy S. Aurora, Colorado
Linda P. Aurora, Colorado
Holly M. Aurora, Colorado
Christine T. Aurora, Colorado
Dave P. Aurora, Colorado
Kathy G. Aurora, Colorado
Cindy C. Aurora, Colorado
Jennifer B. Aurora, Colorado
Gloria G. Aurora, Colorado
Katie H. Aurora, Colorado
Scott S. Aurora, Colorado
Cassie P. Aurora, Colorado
Laura S. Aurora, Colorado
Shannon H. Aurora, Colorado
Michelle H. Aurora, Colorado
Kara M. Aurora, Colorado
Chelsea H. Aurora, Colorado
Laurei C. Aurora, Colorado
Pam B. Aurora, Colorado
Elizabeth b. Aurora, Colorado
Raquel T. Aurora, Colorado
Amber H. Aurora, Colorado
Daniel p. Aurora, Colorado
Chandra K. Aurora, Colorado
Cheri B. Aurora, Colorado
Debra M. Aurora, Colorado
Julien L. Aurora, Colorado
Renee c. Aurora, Colorado
Stella c. Aurora, Colorado
Richard K. Aurora, Colorado
Nicole B. Aurora, Colorado
Daniea S. Aurora, Colorado
Darcy D. Aurora, Colorado
Laura m. Aurora, Colorado
Jessica B. Aurora, Colorado
Kelly H. Aurora, Colorado
Jeffrey E. Castle Rock, Colorado
Kirk W. Centennial, Colorado
Jenna S. Centennial, Colorado
Luis G. Chul Vista, California
Charlotte B. Denver, Colorado
Anthony A. Denver, Colorado
Bill E. Denver, Colorado
Bonnie G. Encinitas, California
Ashley M. Hermosa Beach, California
Anya g. Hermosa Beach, California
Bill d. Hermosa Beach, California
V g. Hermosa Beach, California
Jan S. Hermosa Beach, California
Kelly T. Hermosa Beach, California
George B. Hermosa Beach, California
Keith K. Hermosa Beach, California
Jaki W. Hermosa Beach, California
Cammie h. Hermosa Beach, California
Monique V. Hermosa Beach, California
Janice A. Kiowa, Colorado
Thomas G. Lomita, California
Francis V. Poway, California
Wayne B. Poway, California
Nilesh D. Poway, California
Alex s. Poway, California
Astrid M. Poway, California
Leslie s. Poway, California
Jessica G. Poway, California
Azucena V. Poway, California
Jennifer L. Poway, California
Esther A. Poway, California
Erin S. Poway, California
Jeanette L. Poway, California
Steve S. Poway, California
Cindi M. Poway, California
Eric K. Poway, California
Aerial A. Poway, California
Wilson w. Poway, California
Cindy F. Poway, California
Tricia T. Poway, Colorado
Himanshu u. Poway, California
Rhonda T. Poway, California
Arnold S. Poway, California
Jessica H. Poway, California
Audrey P. Poway, California
Jill p. Poway, California
Nancy B. Poway, California
Michelle j. Poway, California
Michael C. Poway, California
Gina D. Poway, California
Jeanne S. Poway, California
Dan M. Poway, California
Gail H. Poway, California
Laurel O. Poway, California
Scott J. Poway, California
Dolores C. Poway, California
Dan C. Poway, California
George S. Poway, California
Ana A. Poway, California
Karen T. Poway, California
Carol R. Poway, California
Martha S. Poway, California
Luann P. Poway, California
Joe S. Poway, California
Gael G. Poway, California
Todd O. Poway, California
Eletha n. Poway, California
Marc L. Poway, California
Arlene G. Poway, California
Sherry D. Poway, California
Julie L. Poway, California
Julie K. Poway, California
Tony D. Poway, California
Donna K. Poway, California
Linda S. Poway, California
Chris E. Poway, California
Diedre m. Poway, California
Donna V. Poway, California
Lola A. Poway, California
Maria C. Poway, California
Maria M. Poway, California
Cathy G. Poway, California
Heather S. Poway, California
Beth L. Poway, California
Jim M. Poway, California
Barbara C. Poway, California
Harriette A. Redondo Beach, California
Maura R. Redondo Beach, California
Jackyln O. San Diego, California
Angelica W. San Diego, California
Renae T. San Diego, California
Amber M. San Diego, California
Mara C. San Diego, California
Rob H. San Diego, California
Maria D. San Diego, California
Cathy L. San Diego, California
Elizabeth Marie H. San Diego, California
Polly S. San Diego, California
Tsung L. San Diego, California
Jacque C. San Diego, California
Julie D. Torrance, California
Gina k. Torrance, California
Stephen D. Torrance, California
Tammy K. Torrance, California
Joanie c. Torrance, California
Karen G. Torrance, California
Wendy S. Torrance, California
Vasilka H. Torrance, California
Carol E. Torrance, California
Janet K. Torrance, California
Patty Z. Torrance, California
Kathleen B. Torrance, California
Barbara M. Torrance, California
Lori H. Torrance, California
Patrick F. Torrance, California
Kristofer B. Torrance, California
Noman W. Torrance, California
Stephanie I. Torrance, California
Hal r. Torrance, California
Susan S. Torrance, California
Terri N. Torrance, California
Caroline D. Torrance, California
Sarah N. Torrance, California
Kathy P. Torrance, California
Trisha M. Torrance, California
Betsy M. Torrance, California
Shelley t. Torrance, California
Leslie C. Torrance, California
Neal H. Torrance, California
Julia J. Torrance, California
Laurie C. Torrance, California
Peter L. Torrance, California
Jennifer B. Torrance, California
Jane s. Torrance, California
Wendel m. Torrance, California
Rosy T. Torrance, California
Nancy K. Torrance, California
Sunny L. Torrance, California
Vicki F. Torrance, California
Ni Ni M. Torrance, California
Anna B. Torrance, California
Felicia f. Torrance, California
Hector F. Torrance, California
Susan V. Torrance, California
Leilani K. Torrance, California
Janette R. Torrance, California
Laurie L. Torrance, California
Shelly B. Torrance, California
Lisa M. Torrance, California
Sylvia P. Torrance, California
Jeanne C. Torrance, California
Derf F. Torrance, California
Yosief y. Torrance, California
Mauricio S. Torrance, California
Shinichi S. Torrance, California
Charles c. Torrance, California
Srirama M. Torrance, California
Gina T. Torrance, California
Kevin A. Torrance, California
Chi t. Torrance, California
Danielle S. Torrance, California
Caitlin R. Torrance, California
Pamela P. Torrance, California
Denise C. Torrance, California
Malisa B. Torrance, California
Richard H. Torrance, California
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