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Wyland National Art Challenge
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Wyland National Art Challenge

[Oct. 1, 2018 - Dec. 1, 2018]


Oct. 1 - Dec. 1 -

Medium: may be completed in any medium

Individual Art Challenge:

Categories: 1 winner in each grade, K-12

Individual Photography Challenge:

Categories: 1 winner in each grade, K-12

Medium: In order to be displayed in our online gallery without being stretched or distorted, photographs must be submitted in .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif format, edited for web, at least 3,000 pixels wide and no larger than 10 MB. Highquality scans of non-digital photographs are acceptable. Digital photographs should be taken at the highest resolution possible.

  • Camera (ARV $500)
  • $1,500 scholarship (see official rules)

2017 $50 Gift Certificate Individual Art Winners

Kindergarten Winner
Title: Ocean Bubbles
Name: Caleb

First Grade Winner
Title: Riding the Waves
Name: Sophia

Second Grade Winner
Title: Shark in Ocean
Name: Brenden

Third Grade Winner
Title: Waves are Great
Name: Kimmy

Fourth Grade Winner
Title: SeaDragon in the Coral Reef
Name: Jackson

Fifth Grade Winner
Title: Save The oCEAN
Name: Danny

Sixth Grade Winner
Title: Trash Hurts All Living Things
Name: Amelia

Seventh Grade Winner
Title: Water is our Planet
Name: Amy

Eighth Grade Winner
Title: Seascope
Name: Catherine

Ninth Grade Winner
Title: Pacific Light
Name: Nethmi

Tenth Grade Winner
Title: Keep Calm and Take Care of Seals
Name: Diana

Eleventh Grade Winner
Title: Nothing Without Water
Name: Handeul

Twelfth Grade Winner
Title: Ocean Wave
Name: Samantha

2017 Classroom Mural Challenge Winners

Kindergarten - Fourth Grade Mural Winner
School: Little Shasta Elementary
Teacher: Carolyn Hill

Fifth - Eighth Grade Mural Winner
Title: The Art of Water
School: West Pine Middle School
Teacher: Alima Newton

Ninth - Twelfth Grade Mural Winner
Title: Water Is Life
School: Atlantic Coast High School
Teacher: Kelly Delaney

2017 Individual Photography Challenge Winners

Individual Photo Winner - Camera
Title: Enclosure
Name: Josh

Individual Photo Winner - Scholarship
Title: Blue Mountain
Name: Danielle

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