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Wyland National Art Challenge
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Wyland National Art Challenge

October 1, 2018 - December 1, 2018


The Wyland National Art Challenge invites students from every school in the nation, grades K-12, to discover through art the wonder of our blue planet. Celebrating group and individual efforts, the contest raises community awareness on water conservation.

Students are encouraged to discover the latest issues related to water and environmental health and collaborate on a large scale mural project. In addition to the group mural contest, individual art can be entered for both the individual art contest and an individual photography contest. The theme is simply conservation. Promoting clean water and healthy oceans, the Wyland Foundation provides students with a wide palette to explore things we can all do for a healthy planet including our water and ocean.

Teachers can click here to download a Teacher's Guide with a guide on how to create a mural as well as guidelines for the individual art. More than $5,000 will be awarded including scholarships.

Download the Certificate of Appreciation.

Download the Teachers Guide.

Download the Eutrophication Lesson Plan

Download the Official Art Contest Rules.

For any questions email artchallenge@wylandfoundation.org

Three Ways To Participate

Classroom Mural

Teacher's are invited to create with their students a 4'x8' or larger mural painting celebrating how conservation shapes our lives and worlds. The mural can be on any medium and can be larger that 4'x8'. Each mural must be accompanied by five individual drawings or paintings from students as part of the process of discovering their subject matter and theme for their mural. These 5 drawings or paintings will then be entered into the individual art contest.

One winner will be selected from each of three grade categories including Kindergarten thru 4th, 5th thru 8th, and 9th thru 12th. The teacher of each winning class will receive $1,000 for art supplies.

Individual Art

Students may participate in the individual art contest in conjunction with their classroom mural or on their own. Mural participation is not required for the individual art contest. The individual art can be a drawing or painting and can be on any medium and any size. One winner will be selected from each grade category from Kindergarten thru 12th grade and their prize will be $50 for art supplies. A winner from either 11th or 12th grade will also be selected to win a $1,500 scholarship.

Individual Photography

Students from grades Kindergarten thru 12th grade may participate in the individual photography contest. One winner will be selected from either 11th or 12th grade and receive a scholarship for $1,500. An additional winner from Kindergarten thru 12th grade will be selected to win a camera with a retail value of $500.

The photography medium: In order to be displayed in our online gallery without being stretched or distorted, photographs must be submitted in .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif format, edited for web, at least 3,000 pixels wide and no larger than 10 MB. High quality scans of non-digital photographs are acceptable. Digital photographs should be taken at the highest resolution possible.

2018 $50 Gift Certificate Individual Art Winners

Kindergarten Winner
Name: Alexandria S.

First Grade Winner
Name: Lola V.

Second Grade Winner
Name: Ryan P.

Third Grade Winner
Name: Amelia S.

Fourth Grade Winner
Name: Robert M.

Fifth Grade Winner
Name: Morgan G.

Sixth Grade Winner
Name: Alana D.

Seventh Grade Winner
Name: Katie C.

Eighth Grade Winner
Name: Dawson P.

Ninth Grade Winner
Name: Jacob O.

Tenth Grade Winner
Name: Luisa G.

Eleventh Grade Winner
Name: Jordan M.

Twelfth Grade Winner
Name: Naomi L.

2018 Classroom Mural Challenge Winners

Kindergarten - Fourth Grade Mural Winner
School: Westminster Christian School
Teacher: Anne Heetderks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8b6nTsFYps

Fifth - Eighth Grade Mural Winner
School: Costa Mesa Middle School
Teacher: Keli Marchbank

Ninth - Twelfth Grade Mural Winner
School: Moanalua High School
Teacher: Jeffrey Fujimoto

2018 Individual Photography Challenge Winners

Individual Photo Winner - Camera
Name: Jan A.

Individual Photo Winner - Scholarship
Name: Jade S.

Submission Form

Thank you to all the 2018 Wyland Art Challenge Participants! The contest for 2018 has now ended. Stay tuned for 2019's National Art Challenge.

Past Mural Winners

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