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National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation

Mayors/City Officials! The national challenge is back for its third year. Does your city have what it takes?

The Wyland Foundation's Annual National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation held every Earth Month (April 1-30) is a competition that encourages cities across the nation to see who can be the most water wise by asking their residents to take a series of informative, easy to use pledges online to conserve water, energy and other natural resources. The non-profit campaign is presented nationally by Toyota and the Wyland Foundation, in association with NLC, EPA Office of Water, U.S. Forest Service, the Toro Company, Bytelaunch, Inc., Wondergrove Kids, and mayors and water agencies across the country.

Now in its third year, the challenge has become widely recognized as one of the most engaging, zero-cost outreach tools especially designed for cities and water utilities to encourage conservation in the United States. As a leader, your participation helps conservation-minded residents of your city win over $50,000 in eco-friendly prizes including a Toyota Prius Plug-in, water-saving home products, home improvement gift cards and more. 

Complete the form on the right to show your support and you will receive additional information, promotional materials, and ideas for making the challenge a success in your city.


About the Program

Whether it's drought conditions in the West or the high costs of energy related to water use in the East, saving water has become one of the most talked about issues in the nation today. The National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation was created to reward residents for positive conservation behavior, provide immediate feedback with real time city by city results that can be measured against their neighboring cities, set goals to promote positive changes in consumer behavior and put a spotlight on public role models to encourage behavioral change.

The overall campaign is designed to:

  • Save costs for consumers
  • Save infrastructure and operating costs for cities
  • Promote drought resiliency
  • Protect watersheds and ecosystems

Moreover, residents also learn about resources in their area to take their commitment of conservation even further, from regional water and energy resource issues, to cost-saving tips at home. As part of the program, city staff can do as much or as little as their time allows. Either way, by simply being involved and committing to the Challenge, you’re leading your city’s residents to take the necessary steps to become better-informed and more active stewards of the community and our natural resources.

How It Works

  1. Residents go to
  2. Take a 4-step conservation pledge on behalf of the city
  3. See city's current standings
  4. Encourage their friends to take part

The city with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category wins. Cities will compete in the following population categories for 2014:
  • 5,000 - 29,999
  • 30,000 - 99,999
  • 100,000 - 299,999
  • 300,000 - 599,999
  • 600,000+
Participants in the winning cities are eligible to win hundreds of prizes. Last year, the challenge awarded more than $50,000 in prizes to nearly 1,000 residents in U.S. cities. Most importantly, participants see the enormous impact they can have on their community by taking simple actions to save water and energy.

Why Your City Needs To Get Involved

  • With no costs to cities or tax-payers, the Mayors Challenge offers a compelling, positive way to motivate residents to conserve water and energy resources.
  • Creates a legacy for you and your city by reaffirming your commitment to protecting natural resources and reducing your city’s “water footprint.”
  • Recognizes and rewards your residents who are committed to making a difference in your community. Residents can save money, help your city meet conservation goals, discover water-related issues affecting your region — and earn a chance to win water-saving prizes – including a Toyota Prius Plug-in.
  • Ties in with state and national water, energy, and GHG management plans, such as California's AB32 or Texas' SB 184.

New in 2014

  • WaterSmart Software will provide a set of high-tech software tools exclusively for water utilities of winning cities to help reduce resident water consumption up to 5%. For more information visit:
  • Companion website for kids to proactively help their respective cities win the 2014 challenge,
  • A series of new animated public service announcements by WonderGrove Kids the creators of the Rugrats
  • A four-state water conservation outreach tour across New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and California of the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Experience, a 1,000 square foot interactive exhibit which demonstrates the ways water shapes human lives

2013 Highlights and Results

  • 20 million+ media impressions
  • Resident participation from more than 1,000 cities, including representation from every state in the United States
  • Promotion in USA Today, NY Times, Huffington Post, Facebook, TV ads, partner outreach campaigns, and a powerful incentive driven social media campaign.
  • Notable past participants include Atlanta (Mayor Kasim Reed), San Francisco (Mayor Edwin Lee), Houston (Mayor Annise Parker), Tucson (Mayor Jonathan Rothschild), Honolulu (Mayor Peter Carlisle), Miami Beach (Mayor Matti Bower), Washington D.C. (Mayor Vincent Grey), Denver (Mayor Michael Hancock), Los Angeles (Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa), Long Beach (Mayor Bob Foster), and Seattle (Mayor Mike McGinn)

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  • National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation

Water is our most precious resource, and we must use it wisely. In Atlanta, we are spending billions of dollars to overhaul our water and sewer infrastructure in an effort to reduce system leaks and protect the Chattahoochee River. I encourage everyone to take the pledge. Conserving water is easy, it's smart and it's the right thing to do.

Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta, GA

Water conservation is so important in our region... And when you talk about saving water, you’re also talking about saving energy, because it takes energy to pump water and it takes energy to treat water. I encourage Tucsonans to take the pledge and commit to the many little ways they can save water and energy every day. It all adds up - to a brighter, greener, more energy-efficient future.

Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson, AZ

The Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation allowed Cities and Mayor’s a unique way to reach out to residents and the business community; challenging them to not only conserve water, but to realize the positive impact we collectively make by making good environmental decisions that affect everyday life... We’re already looking forward to next year’s Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation.

Shane Burckle, Water Conservation Coordinator, City of Newport Beach, CA

To deliver a world class city where everyone matters, we must create a sustainable Denver – one that is built for generations we may never meet. Water is a particularly critical resource for the West that we must preserve for our children's children. We can all play a role by using this precious and finite resource as wisely and thoughtfully as we can.

Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver, CO