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Youth Ambassador
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Youth Ambassador

Become a Youth Ambassador for the Planet

Here are three great things to think about:

  • Learn everything you can about protecting the environment.
  • Share your knowledge with your friends and family.
  • Take action.

Just a few of the other things you can do:

  • Save water resources
  • Protect salt water and fresh water habitats
  • Start youth eco-action groups
  • Create innovative ways to protect the environment
  • Start a recycling campaign at your school
  • Inspire your parents to make positive changes for the environment at home
  • Preserve, protect, promote a healthy planet
  • Go green. Plant a tree
  • Paint a picture of clean world
  • Support conservation groups and individuals
  • Be a voice for animals
  • Think of new ways to save the planet
  • Make your voice heard by contacting lawmakers about issues regarding conservation
  • Make a water pledge
  • Make a positive impact in your community

Would you like to become an official Youth Ambassador for the Planet? It's easy!

Ask your parents to send us some of the great things are you doing for the planet. What are some of your favorite "green" tips? What is something you have done in your home, school, or community? Feel free to send us photos or videos that we can share with other young people to help inspire them to make a difference too. Be sure to send us your first name, age, and the city you live in and ask your parents to complete the photo release if you are sending photos or video.

Your parents can send these to info@wylandfoundation.org or to
Wyland Foundation
6 Mason Ste. B,
Irvine, CA 92618.

Wyland Foundation Youth Ambassadors for the Planet*:


Guy Snell, Florida, 2008
Carly Grimes, Florida, 2008
Lilly Tougas, Florida, 2008
Paris Shewfelt, California, 2008


Justin MacRae, California, 2009


Alex Smith, Hawaii, 2010
Travis Smith, Hawaii, 2010
Koa Smith, Hawaii, 2010
Garritt Garcia, Florida, 2010
Breanna Hall, Canada, 2010


Lani Doherty, California, 2011
Kulia Doherty, California, 2011
Kimberly Chang-Haines, California, 2011
Megan Chang-Haines, California, 2011
Sophi Bromenshenkel, Minnesota, 2011
Taylor Betts, Virginia, 2011
Lily Richards, Hawaii, 2011


Trent Tougas, Florida, 2012
Abha Nath, California, 2012
Sky Waters, Minnesota, 2012
Hunter Slate, Florida, 2012
Jordan Holm, Florida, 2012
Makayla Wallace, Missouri, 2012
Sara Brenes Mirkow, Florida, 2012
Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Canada, 2012

*Note--This is a partial list of the Youth Ambassadors for the Planet

Photo Gallery

If we want to save the environment today, we talk to the adults - but if we want to protect it for the future, we must have our world's youth on board taking action. The investments of America and all nations in our young people cannot be understated. We hope to empower young people to be ambassadors for the planet and take the lead in eco-ideas now and in the future. With our support, these youth ambassadors - like you - will change the world.

The Wyland Foundation