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Wyland Walls

Wyland Walls


In 2008, twenty-seven years after Wyland’s quest began, the artist and the Wyland Foundation completed the monumental goal of painting 100 life-size public marine murals. These murals were painted in life-size dimensions to increase appreciation and understanding for aquatic habitats and the life within. Perhaps, most importantly, they have reshaped attitudes about marine life conservation.

“We know now that water connects all the countries of the world,” Wyland says. “Our goal with these projects over the last three decades has been to convey the urgency of conservation issues to the public. The health of our ocean and waterways are in jeopardy, not to mention the thousands of marine animals and plants that face extinction if we do nothing.”

The completed "Wyland Walls" campaign is one of the largest art-in-public-places projects in history, spanning five continents, 17 countries, and 79 cities around the globe

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(* These walls are no longer available for viewing)

WW 26 “Sperm Whales & Florida Keys Reef”

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Marathon Keys, Florida

150 Feet Long x 20 Feet High

Dedicated October 30th, 1990

By Marathon Keys Former Mayor

WW 27 “Minke Whales”

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Museum of Natural History

Marathon Keys, Florida

40 Feet Long x 8 Feet High

Dedicated October 30th, 1990

By Mandy Rodriguez, Dolphin Research

WW 28 “A Time for Conservation”

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Kauai Village Kauai, Hawaii

Approximately 44 Feet High & 360° (around the Clock Tower)

Dedicated January 8th, 1991

By Ron Kouchi, City Council Chairman

WW 29 “Humpbacks off the Pali Coast”

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Kauai, Hawaii

150 Feet Long x 24 Feet High

Dedicated January 8th, 1991

By Peter Alevizos, Kauai Village President

WW 30* “Maui Humpback Breaching”

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Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

26 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Dedicated January 21st, 1991

By John Pitre, Surreal Artist & Jerry Lopez, Renowned Surfer

WW 31 “Gray Whale Migration”

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Redondo Beach, California

586 Feet Long x 95 Feet High

Dedicated June 24th, 1991

By John Bryson, CEO Southern CA Edison

WW 32 “Whales”

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Taiji, Japan

30 Feet Long x 60 Feet High

Dedicated August 1991

By Taiji Town Mayor

WW 33 “Planet Ocean”

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Long Beach Convention Center

Long Beach, California

(Largest Mural in the World / Guinness Book of World Records)

1280 Feet Long x 105 Feet High

Dedicated July 9th, 1992

By Chris Robinson, Actor

WW 34 “Ocean Biosphere”

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Biosphere 2

Oracle, Arizona

110 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Dedicated April 18, 1993

By the late Lloyd Bridges, Actor

WW 35* “Orcas of the Oregon Coast”

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Fox Theater

Portland, Oregon

120 Feet Long x 60 Feet High

Dedicated May 9th, 1993

By Darlene Wyland-Artist’s Mother

WW 36 “Whales off the Coast of Maine”

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BIW Building - Marine State Pier

Portland, Maine

1000 Feet Long x 25 Feet High

Dedicated June 7, 1993

By Steven Katona, Pres. Atlantic College & Mayor Anne Pringle

WW 37 “Isle of Shoals Humpbacks”

1 Images


Cabot House- 64 Vaughn Mall

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

220 Feet Long x 40 Feet High

Dedicated June 14th, 1993

By Mayor Eileen Foley

WW 38* “Stellwagen Bank”

1 Images


Summerfield Self Storage

33 Traveler Street

Boston, Massachusetts

110 Feet Long x 125 Feet High

Dedicated June 21st, 1993

By John Walsh, Pres. of W.S.P.A.

WW 39* “Finback Whales”

1 Images


Cassiere Machinery Company

145 Crary Street

Providence, Rhode Island

280 Feet Long x 24 Feet High

Dedicated June 28th, 1993

By Mayor Vincent Cianci

WW 40 “Inner City Whales”

1 Images


Port Authority Bus Terminal

41 Street Underpass

New York, New York

460 Feet Long x 22 Feet High

Dedicated July 5th, 1993

By Jim Fowler, Mutual Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom”

WW 41 “The Great Sperm Whales”

1 Images

American Discount Building

124 Captain’s Walk & State Street

New London, Connecticut

170 Feet Long x 35 Feet High

Dedicated July 12th, 1993

By Governor Lowell Weiker

WW 42 “East Coast Humpbacks”

1 Images


The Marketplace Design Center

2400 Market Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

125 Feet Long x 130 Feet High

Dedicated July 19th, 1993

By Mayor Edward Rendell

WW 43 “Humpbacks off the Jersey Coast”

1 Images


Boardwalk Mall

3800 Boardwalk Mall

Wildwood, New Jersey

220 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Dedicated July 26th, 1993

By Mayor Edmund Grant

WW 44 “Delaware Marine Mammals”

1 Images

The Architects Studio, Inc.

117 Market St.

Wilmington, Delaware

90 Feet Long x 60 Feet High

Dedicated August 2nd, 1993

By Governor Tom Carper, Mayor Jim Sills & Senator Bill Roth

WW 45 “Dolphins-Small Tooth Whales”

1 Images


The National Zoological Park

3000 Connecticut Ave. N.W.

Washington, D.C.

30 Feet Long x 15 Feet High

Dedicated August 9th, 1993

By Dr. Roger Payne Renowned Whale Researcher

WW 46 “Extinct Atlantic Gray Whales”

1 Images

Lee Electric Company

600 W. Hamburg St.

Baltimore, Maryland

260 Feet Long x 20 Feet High

Dedicated August 16th, 1993

By Mayor Kurt Schmoke

WW 47 “Humpbacks off the Virginia Coast”

1 Images

Dominion Towers

999 Waterside Drive

Norfolk, Virginia

280 Feet Long x 80 Feet High

(Dedicated to Jacques Cousteau)

Dedicated August 23rd, 1993

By Mayor Mason Andrews

WW 48 “Coastal Dolphins”

1 Images

The Coast Line Inn

503 Nutt Street

Wilmington, North Carolina

40 Feet Long x 30 Feet High

Dedicated August 30th, 1993

By Mayor Don Betz

WW 49 “Right Whales off the South Carolina Coast”

1 Images


Myrtle Beach Convention Center

2101 N. Oak Street Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

250 Feet Long x 50 Feet High

Dedicated September 6th, 1993

By Mayor Bob Grisom

WW 50 “Atlanta’s Right Whales”

1 Images


The Underground Atlanta

90 Central Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia

450 Feet Long x 50 Feet High

Dedicated September 16th, 1993

By Mayor Maynard Jackson

100 Whaling Walls Intro

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In the world of art, nothing compares to the size, scope, and majesty of "Wyland's Walls." Spanning the sides of skyscrapers, sports arenas, and structures throughout the world, these landmark public murals have captured the imagination of millions and helped inspire a new generation to become better stewards for our environment. Hosted by Pierce Brosnan, Wyland: One Hundred Whaling Walls tells the story of this epic campaign, from humble beginnings nearly thirty years ago to the final, all-encompassing project of the Beijing Olympic Festival. Through original video footage and photographs, you will get an up-close look at all one hundred murals and one man's dream to change the landscape of art - and to create a gentle reminder to communities around the world that everyone, everywhere can make a difference.