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Earth Month Heroes
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Earth Month Heroes

Congratulations 2017 Earth Month Hero Wendy Ramallo

As part of the Earth Month partnership between Wyland Foundation, Toyota, and KCAL / KCBS, we are proud to recognize people around the country who making a difference for the planet. During the live news broadcast on KCAL9, Wyland Foundation Executive Director Steve Creech presented Wendy Ramallo of the Council for Watershed health with the 2017 EARTH MONTH HERO award. Learn more about their great work at https://www.watershedhealth.org. The Wyland Foundation will also make a donation to the winner’s environmental charity of choice in southern California.

2017 Earth Month Hero Grand Prize Winner

  • Wendy Ramallo
  • Wendy Ramallo, Executive Director for the Council for Watershed health, a 20-year old nonprofit headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, that advances the health and sustainability of our region’s watersheds, rivers, streams and habitats - both in natural areas and urban neighborhoods. Wendy leads a small but fierce team of dedicated, intelligent, passionate leaders, several of whom have been with the Council over ten years. Wendy also continues to promote the organization’s core values of facilitating an inclusive stakeholder process to advance the health and sustainability of our region’s watersheds, rivers, streams and habitats, emphasizing even more today the critical importance of community engagement and environmental justice.

2016 Earth Month Hero Grand Prize Winner

  • Grace Adams
  • In her role as the Bolsa Chica Conservancy’s Executive Director, she is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s operations, program development and administration, marketing and fundraising. Over the past thirteen years, Grace has expanded the BCC’s education and habitat restoration programs, creating initiatives that stimulate interest and understanding in STEM disciplines. Prior to joining the BCC, Grace has a 28-year history of leadership in non-profit and for-profit businesses in multiple industries, from start-ups to global Fortune 50 companies like Honeywell International.

2015 Earth Month Hero Grand Prize Winner

  • Nona Reimer
  • She currently teaches fifth grade at John Malcom Elementary. Nona is passionate about teaching science and has been involved in numerous district, county, and state systemic initiatives to improve science education at the elementary level. Nona strives to create a positive learning environment where students are challenged to discover new truths every day and equip them with the resources to be responsible citizens who care about the natural world they live in!

2015 Earth Month Hero

  • Alison Chenier
  • Alison Chenier has been a teaching for 7 years. For the past three years she has taught kindergarten at Greentree Elementary School in Irvine and loves it! She enjoys working with the younger age group because the students are curious, energetic and always excited to learn, which motivates her to always find new activities and ideas for the classroom.

2014 Earth Month Heroes

  • Ana Gutierrez
  • Carmelita Arellano
  • Pamela Conti
  • Wendy Hagan
  • Shelley Kelley

2013 Earth Month Heroes

  • Liz Crosson
  • Jeff Duclos
  • Captain Charles Moore
  • Leila Volkmann

2012 Earth Month Heroes

  • Erica Aguilera
  • Mahuya Barua
  • Sara Bayles
  • Kathy Carillo
  • Nancy Caruso
  • Anna Cummins & Marcus Eriksen
  • Anita Dunham
  • Reginald Durant
  • Environmental Nature Center
  • Claudio Garzon
  • Mark Gold
  • Patricio Guerrero
  • Kajsa James
  • Jeanne Kumagai & Students
  • James Lieber
  • Kurt Lieber
  • Cynthia Liles
  • Jennifer Miller Garmendia
  • Jim Moriarty
  • Jennifer Naegele & Matt Yurko
  • Dency Nelson
  • April Parise & Elizabeth Zernik
  • Matthew Peterson
  • Kary Rappaport
  • Michelle Spieker
  • Lorie Suntree
  • Robina Suwol
  • Beth Tomlinson
  • Mati Waiya
  • Anne Younglove

2011 Earth Month Heroes

  • Jeff Cornelius
  • Dolores Dang-Wright
  • Fran Delaney Barron
  • Ginger Demers
  • Sophia Derrig
  • Greg Gardiner
  • Michael Gower
  • Jennifer Horton
  • Jason Huffman
  • John Karns
  • Benjamin Kay
  • Carol Kemp
  • Lisa Kerr
  • Bill Kulencavich
  • Jaime Kunze
  • Candace Leuthold
  • Dana Martens
  • Matthew Morrissey
  • Susan Norton
  • Vivian Okoro
  • Mimi Philips
  • Sue Puccinelli
  • Judy Riemenschneider
  • Jill Rivero
  • Peggy Simpson
  • Mary Simun
  • Ramona Talampas
  • John Teutimez III
  • Mike Trimmell
  • E'lyssa Zuer


Deadline: April 15, 2018

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My life and professional goal is to expedite the creation of a sustainable planet through education.

Benjamin Kay, 2011 Grand Prize Winner

If we use science and common sense in our day-to-day lives, we can keep the planet healthy.

Dency Nelson, 2012 Grand Prize Winner