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50 States Ambassador for Conservation Outreach Program

Dear Friend of the Wyland Foundation,

We are launching a 50-state outreach program called the “Wyland Foundation State Ambassadors for Conservation”.  Our goal is to establish lead volunteers in each state to reach out to members of their community with the support of the Wyland Foundation’s Clean Water Programs.  These Wyland Foundation State Ambassadors will have the opportunity to bring together other eco-minded volunteers and organizations in their community to participate in local, state, and national environmental outreach activities.

This key position takes an enthusiastic Wyland Foundation supporter – like you – to make a strong impact for conservation, water health and community action.  We are honored to have you as one of our Volunteer Team Leaders in this important grassroots effort.  As such, downloadable literature and materials will be provided for your use.

As a Wyland Foundation State Ambassador for Conservation, there are many ways to implement these programs:

  • Encourage your community’s annual commitment to water conservation by taking the Clean Water Pledge during Earth Month each April – online at MYWATERPLEDGE.COM – as part of the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation
  • Volunteer time in local schools to supplement Art and Science learning using our award winning educational programs
  • Host a community art mural activity
  • Nominate a Youth Ambassador for the Planet
  • Provide feedback to the Wyland Foundation
  • Serve as a resource to other State Ambassadors
  • Develop a Social Networking page to keep your community informed of what you are doing and to invite people to your events
  • Join us in sharing the message of conservation through Art and Science programs to all schools, communities, and cities throughout the U.S.

Thank you again for accepting our invitation to be the State Ambassador for Conservation in your area in support of Wyland Foundation’s mission to promote, protect and preserve our planet’s ocean, waterways, and marine life for nearly 20 years.

With appreciation for your continued support,


 ... and the Wyland Foundation Team


For more information or to become a 50 States Ambassador for Conservation:

or email:

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